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Grid de­vel­op­ment and in­tel­li­gent net­works

Teaserbild zur Themenseite Netzentwicklung / Arbeiter beim Beseilen eines Mastes

The nuclear phase-out, the renewable energy targets and the growing European trade in electricity make a considerable expansion of Germany's extra high voltage and gas transmission networks necessary in the coming years in order to guarantee the security of energy supply and implement the agreed energy transition. This means that the gas network will need to be overhauled and expanded over the next few years.

The Bundesnetzagentur approves the scenario frameworks developed by the electricity and gas transmission system operators (TSOs) and verifies and confirms the network development plans drawn up by each group of TSOs.

In addition, the volatile generation of electricity from renewable energy sources requires the efficient and intelligent linking of grids, generation and consumption. On the topic of "Flexibility in the power supply system", the Bundesnetzagentur initiated a discussion on the status quo and the description of obstacles and approaches to improve the development of flexibility.