Grid con­nec­tion

Network operators are required under the German Energy Act to connect end customers, other energy supply networks and their lines, and generation and storage facilities to their networks on reasonable, non-discriminatory and transparent terms.

Operators of "general supply networks" are required to publish their general terms and conditions for network connection and use of connection points for end customers in low voltage and low pressure networks and are required to connect requesting customers to their networks under these terms and conditions. They are entitled to charge customers appropriate connection costs and contributions towards installations costs.

The Bundesnetzagentur has issued a statement on contributions towards installation costs for networks above low voltage level (only in German).

Special statutory regulations apply to certain types of generating facility, including the following:

  • Large-scale power plants
    Facilities for generating electrical energy (generation facilities) with a minimum nominal capacity of 100 MW connected to electricity supply networks with a minimum voltage of 110 kV. The connection of power plants to the grid is regulated in the Power Plant Grid Connection Ordinance (KraftNAV) (only in German).
  • Biogas plants
    New provisions on the grid connection requirement and the procedure for connecting biogas plants to the grid were laid down in April 2008 in section 33 of the Gas Network Access Ordinance (GasNZV). Prior to this there had been virtually no experience in practice of connecting biogas generation and upgrading plants to the gas network. In view of this, various questions of interpretation of the Ordinance are in dispute between the biogas plant operators and gas network operators. The Bundesnetzagentur's Ruling Chamber 7 has already issued two decisions relating to the conditions for connecting biogas upgrading plants to the grid in proceedings initiated by a plant operator against a gas network operator.
    These decisions (BK7-09-005 and BK7-10-191) can be found on the Ruling Chamber 7 web pages (only in German).
  • Offshore wind farms
    The Bundesnetzagentur has issued a statement on the network connection obligation, clarifying the terms and procedures for grid connection for transmission system operators and project developers.