Fig­ures, da­ta and in­for­ma­tion con­cern­ing the EEG

In accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), the Bundesnetzagentur monitors the nationwide equalisation scheme process for financially supported renewable electricity among the transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs) on the one side, and the electricity suppliers on the other.

The "EEG in numbers" 2019

EEG in Zahlen 2019 (Stand: 19.04.2021) (xlsx / 5 MB)
Barrierearm: EEG in Zahlen 2019 (pdf / 2 MB)

On an annual basis, the TSOs (by 31 July), electricity suppliers and DSOs (by 31 May) provide the Bundesnetzagentur with selected data from their year-end EEG accounts, thus enabling the Bundesnetzagentur to fulfil its task as monitor.

Based on the information provided by TSOs, DSOs and suppliers on an annual basis as well as based on the data retrieved from the official registries on PV installations and RES installations, the following main aspects of renewable deployment in Germany is being covered by the publication "EEG in numbers":

  • Installed (new and existing) RES capacity (in number of installations & in MW)
  • Volume of RES electricity produced and fed into the network
  • Issued payments by RES technologies
  • Electricity volume subject to RES surcharge payments

Beyond above mentioned data, the publication “EEG in numbers” is also providing information about the following aspects of RES:

  • Volume of curtailed RES based electricity (§ 14 EEG)
  • Compensation payments (§ 15 EEG)
  • Results of tendering procedures by RES technology

EEG statistical reports and "EEG in numbers" 2006 to 2018

The Bundesnetzagentur's figures on renewables are provided here (German language only)
EEG in Zahlen 2018 (xlsx / 5 MB)
EEG in Zahlen 2017 (xlsx / 4 MB)
EEG in Zahlen 2016 (xlsx / 3 MB)
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EEG in Zahlen 2014 (xlsx / 792 KB)
EEG in Zahlen 2013 (xls / 172 KB)
EEG in Zahlen 2012 (xls / 151 KB)
Statistikbericht EEG - Jahresendabrechnung 2011 (pdf / 3 MB)
Statistikbericht EEG - Jahresendabrechnung 2010 (pdf / 1 MB)
Statistikbericht EEG - Jahresendabrechnung 2009 (pdf / 498 KB)
Statistikbericht EEG - Jahresendabrechnung 2008 (pdf / 790 KB)
Statistikbericht EEG - Jahresendabrechnung 2007 (pdf / 372 KB)
Statistikbericht EEG - Jahresendabrechnung 2006 (pdf / 366 KB)