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EEG reg­is­ter da­ta and ref­er­ence val­ues for pay­ment

In accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the Core Energy Market Data Register Ordinance (MaStRV), the Bundesnetzagentur publishes by the last day of each calendar month the renewable energy installations that were entered into the core energy market data register in the previous calendar month.

To register your renewable energy installations, please use the Core energy market data register.

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Renewable energy installations core data (excluding PV building installations)

In the file below, the publications of the reference periods and new-build figures necessary to check the development corridors are listed on separate spreadsheets for all renewable energy sources (except for PV installations which are on, affixed to or in a building or any other construction).

Renewable electricity battery storage systems

Publication of a list of the battery storage systems exclusively storing renewable electricity.

PV installations for tenants' electricity

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes a list of the PV installations for which the operators have informed the network operator that they have allocated the installations to the form of sale of the tenants' electricity premium pursuant to section 19(1) para 3 EEG.

Please note: allocation to the tenants' electricity premium is only possible for new PV installations with an installed capacity of no more than 100 kWp that were taken into operation after 24 July 2017.

The total installed capacity of registered PV installations for the current calendar year

January - December 20186.837 kWp

The annual volume for the year 2018 is 500,000 kWp. This volume has so far not been exceeded.

The solar installations published here in connection with the PV tenants' electricity are installations that are already registered in the register. The total installed capacity of these installations is therefore part of the identified total increase.

PV data registrations (excluding ground-mounted installations)

Publication of the PV installations registered at the Bundesnetzagentur, excepting ground-mounted installations from March 2015 on and including the total of newly installed capacity from PV installations.

The total registered newly installed capacity from PV installations entitled to payment for the month of

December 2018376.571 MWp

Please note that this increase includes 156.329 MWp from ground-mounted PV installations that, as of 1 March 2015, must be registered in the energy installations core data register of the Bundesnetzagentur.

The monthly figures published also include all values registered at a later date from older installations.

The monthly figures are not republished should there be any individual corrections to the data after original publication. However, corrected values provided before the relevant deadlines are taken into account in the quarterly process of determining new EEG-regulated reference values for payment for PV installations and in the process of determining the total increase in capacity.

The installed nominal capacity reported in individual data submissions is not to be equated with the total capacity of an installation. If, for instance, a ground-mounted installation is commissioned in phases, data is generally submitted to the Bundesnetzagentur successively on different days. The installed nominal capacity of an entire installation cannot be derived from the lists published by the Bundesnetzagentur.

Data submissions from 1 July to 31 December 2018

Total increase in PV installations entitled to payment under the EEG

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes the total installed capacity of all PV installations entitled to payment that were installed by the last day of the previous calendar month in the area of application of the EEG:

Reporting dateInstalled power of all PV installations entitled to paymentValue 1Value 2*
31 December 201845,929 MWp35,363 MWp10,566 MWp

Two values make up this figure:

Value 1: installation capacity that has been recorded by the Bundesnetzagentur in its PV registration procedure since 2010

Value 2: installation capacity of installations that were commissioned before 2010. This is based on the data provided to the Bundesnetzagentur by the transmission system operators for the 2010 accounting year in regard to the installed capacity of the PV installations as per section 49(5) EEG

*Up to 31 July 2014, the total increase in PV installations was determined, as per EEG 2012, on the basis of the data provided by transmission system operators (TSOs) before 1 January 2009 as a supplemental value and of the increase recorded in the PV register of the Bundesnetzagentur after this point in time. With the entry into force of the new EEG 2014 on 1 August 2014, a legal provision established that, in the future, the total increase would be composed of TSO data provided before 1 January 2010 and the increase recorded in the PV register after this point of time (section 49(5) EEG 2014). With this amendment, the legislator took account of the fact that in 2009 it was not possible to penalise failure to report data to the PV registration portal in the form of a feed-in tariff reduction. As a result, fewer installations were reported than actually commissioned in the first year that the registration requirement was in effect. The difference compared to the TSO data for the 2009 accounting year was 644 MWp. The inaccuracy was resolved effective 30 September 2014 and the total amount of installed capacity (total increase) increased correspondingly.

Reference values for payment for PV installations

The Bundesnetzagentur generally publishes on a quarterly basis the total installed capacity of all PV installations entitled to payment that serve as a basis for calculating and publishing the reference values for payment for PV installations applicable in the subsequent quarter. Corrections to already published monthly values are taken into account here.

The table below includes the partially corrected monthly values underlying this figure and the reference values for payment that apply for the following quarter for photovoltaic installations.

The reduction is 1.0% instead of the formely stated 1.4%.
Degression rates and reference values for payment February-April 2019

Archive of PV data registrations and PV reference values for payment

Additionally, information on the degression rates for PV installations that were calculated in the past by the Bundesnetzagentur is provided under the following link:
Archive of degression rates and reference values for payment calculated in the past

Reference values for payment for onshore wind energy

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes the total installed capacity of all onshore wind installations that serve as a basis for calculating and publishing the reference values to be applied for these installations.

The table below includes the increase in the reference period and the reference values to be applied to the given quarter for onshore wind energy.

Remuneration as of 2019

As of 2019, the level of remuneration for electricity from onshore wind installations that do not have to participate in auctions (small installations of up to 750 kW and pilot installations) will be calculated from on the basis of the award prices from previous auctions. The average of the highest accepted bids in the year before last will be used for this purpose (section 46b(1) EEG).

The 2017 auction results will be used for 2019.

highest successful bid (ct/kWh)
May 20175.78
August 20174.29
November 20173.82
Avarage value4.63

The reference value for installations starting operation in 2019 under this special provision will therefore be 4.63 ct/kWh. That is the value to be applied for a 100% reference site. The value to be applied for the specific installation will be adjusted in accordance with section 36h EEG depending on the wind yield.

Biomass installations

The EEG 2017 lays down the decrease in the values to be applied for biomass installations independently of growth; this decrease is therefore not calculated by the Bundesnetzagentur.

Decommissioning of biomethane installations

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes data about biomethane installations which have been permanently decommissioned, as long as the former operators consent to the publication.

Publishing this data allows other operators converting their installations to use biomethane exclusively to receive payment. As a condition of payment, the EEG requires operators of such installations to prove to the operators to whose networks the installations are connected that at least as much biomethane capacity has been decommissioned as they want to commission.

Separate publication of decommissioned biomethane installations

Installations code: A2577180220255 - 1960 kW
Date of modification: 2019.01.31