Gen­er­al in­for­ma­tion on en­er­gy reg­u­la­tion

The Bundesnetzagentur and the regulatory authorities of the federal states are responsible for regulation of the gas and electricity networks. Retail price controls are not part of their remit.

For further information please go to Responsibility and Task Delimitation.

The Bundesnetzagentur's aim is liberalisation of the energy markets. Liberalisation began at European level some years ago and has been taken forward by EU directives. Further information is available at History of liberalisation.

Consumers and commercial undertakings have a great interest in the price for access to the electricity grid and gas network being calculated fairly. This legal task is fulfilled by the Bundesnetzagentur with a specific instrument known as "incentive regulation".



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Legal framework

The legal framework for the Bundesnetzagentur's activities are among others the Energy Act (EnWG), the EEG and NABEG