Net­work access and me­ter­ing

Network access

Operators of energy supply networks must generally grant everyone non-discriminatory network access according to objectively justifiable criteria. Operators may, however, refuse network access if they can prove that granting access is not feasible or reasonable.

Operators must notify the Bundesnetzagentur of their refusal to grant network access using the following link online portal (only in German).

Whilst the conclusion of the network usage and suppliers' framework contract drawn up by the Bundesnetzagentur is required for use of the electricity network, the gas industry itself has worked out a standard framework contract for use of the gas network. More information can be found here.

Operators of energy supply networks are also required under the German Energy Act (EnWG) to connect

  • end customers,
  • energy supply networks and
  • generation and storage facilities

to their networks on reasonable, non-discriminatory and transparent terms.

The terms for connecting certain types of generation facility to the grid have already been laid down in statutory regulations.

The Bundesnetzagentur has issued a statement on the Grid connection of offshore wind farms detailing the grid connection obligation. The Bundesnetzagentur has also published a Metering report setting out developments in competition and options for action in the field of variable pricing.