Grid re­serve / re­serve pow­er plant re­quire­ment

The Netzreserveverordnung (NetzResV) stipulates that the transmission system operators (TSOs) are to carry out a system analysis every year to determine the reserve power plant capacity necessary for future grid stabilisation using redispatch. The Bundesnetzagentur examines the system analysis and publishes its report on the need for reserve generation capacity every year.

Latest Bundesnetzagentur report and the TSOs' system analysis

The latest report of 29 April 2022 deals with the need for reserve power plants for the 2022/2023 winter and the year 2024/2025.

  • The requirement for winter 2022/2023 amounts to 8,264 MW.
  • The 2023/2024 period has also a total requirement of 5,361 MW.

The grid reserve requirement can be met in the coming winter half-year from domestic grid reserve power plants. The procurement of additional grid reserve power from foreign power plants is therefore not required.

Feststellung des Netzreservebedarfs für den Winter 2022/2023 sowie den Betrachtungszeitraum 2023/2024 (pdf / 1 MB)
German language only

Systemanalysen der Übertragungsnetzbetreiber (PDF / 7 MB)
German language only; confidential operational and business information concealed

Previous reports are available here.
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The following table provides an overview:

Festgestellter Bedarf an Reservekraftwerksleistung Festgestellter Bedarf an Reservekraftwerksleistung