Se­cu­ri­ty of sup­ply

The security of electricity and gas supply by grid and pipeline to the general public is a core objective of the German Energy Act (EnWG) and it also makes up a large part of the Bundesnetzagentur's work. The Energiewende and the growth in European electricity trading present major challenges for Germany's electricity grid and gas supply networks.

Many aspects play a key role in the security of energy supply:

  • the electricity grid and gas networks must be able to fulfil their transport tasks
  • sufficient generating capacity is necessary to meet the predicted future energy consumption
  • reliable control mechanisms must ensure that network integrity is maintained even if the network input and output volumes are not balanced
  • the networks must be sufficiently protected against any third party intervention.

The following pages give you the reports and figures on the current status of supply security and show you the variety of measures necessary to guarantee a continued high quality of supply in Germany.