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Postal services are an essential part of infrastructure in a functioning community. They constitute a major cross-cutting sector for society as a whole. Economy and society ultimately depend on efficient and high-quality postal services at reasonable prices.

The postal markets are in a state of change driven by the introduction of new technologies and consumers’ changing needs. We must accompany this change with our regulatory approach, the aim being to ensure fair and effective competition.

We are responsible in the postal sector for market regulation and for monitoring dominant operators in the competitive environment. To this end, we closely follow developments in the individual postal markets. We also approve the prices charged for single-piece letters and issue licences for the letter market. Our functions are provided for under the Postal Act and the accompanying ordinances.

In the field of consumer protection, too, we have scope to influence the supply of postal services, since it is the state’s duty to secure adequate and appropriate provision of postal services. It is our task to safeguard this basic supply (universal service).

Date of modification: 2013.04.22