Mar­ket Mon­i­tor­ing

These pages provide information about developments in the German postal market and its individual segments: letter, courier, express and parcel services.

Licensed postal services

The Bundesnetzagentur surveys the holders of licences for letter services every year. The survey focuses on delivery services for addressed letters weighing up to 1,000g, for which a licence is required, and also looks at whether or not licence holders provide non-licensed postal services as well. This gives a full picture of the licensees' postal business activities.

The latest market survey has shown that Deutsche Post Group continues to hold a dominant position in the market for licensed letter services. The other providers in the market have varied structures, with a focus on regional delivery services. They also use access to the dominant operator's network for letter delivery.

Full information is available in the latest market survey, which includes a summary in English.
Marktuntersuchung - Bericht über den lizenzpflichtigen Bereich 2014 (pdf / 517 KB)

Non-licensed postal services (incl. CEP services)

Non-licensed postal services make up the larger part of the postal market, accounting for more than two thirds of total revenues. Growth rates in this particular segment are higher than overall in the market, as a result of the increase in parcel volumes. The Bundesnetzagentur's monitoring activities focus on courier, express and parcel (CEP) services.

The structure of this market sector in Germany has long been marked by five large company groups which use alternative networks to deliver items themselves. Alongside these providers there are a large number of smaller companies operating CEP services regionally on their own or more widely in cooperation with others.

E­commerce is having a significant impact on the CEP segment. While new technical solutions are helping to optimise the whole collection, transportation and delivery process as well as delivery success rates, the change in consumer purchasing behaviour is also a contributing factor in the dynamic growth of the CEP sector. The providers are moving with these developments and are increasingly expanding their scope of activities along the value chain.

Since 2015 the Bundesnetzagentur has been looking more closely at this issue and included it in its market monitoring activities.

Full information is available in the latest market survey, which includes a summary in English.
Kurier-, Express- und Paketdienstleistungen Marktuntersuchung 2015 (pdf / 2 MB)

Further information about developments in the postal market is available in the Bundesnetzagentur's Annual Reports.

Date of modification: 2016.02.16