Postal mar­ket checks

The Bundesnetzagentur is responsible for the control and enforcement of obligations with respect to postal secrecy.

For this purpose the Bundesnetzagentur can request information from the party obliged that is required for a review and examine whether compliance with regulations on the business premises and in the operating spaces of the party obliged is being maintained (section 42(1) sentence 1 PostG).

To monitor notification requirements the Bundesnetzagentur can also conduct on-site inspections of business records of companies active in the postal sector during regular business hours (section 45(1) para 2 PostG).

On the basis of this authority the Bundesnetzagentur conducts on-site postal market checks to ensure that the

  • postal operators have made arrangements to ensure postal secrecy compliance
  • conditions for notification requirements have been and continue to be met

These postal service provider checks are performed at regular intervals and on a recurring basis. If special circumstances warrant it, a check related to postal secrecy and the conditions for notification requirements can also be conducted on an ad hoc basis.

Further information about the Bundesnetzagentur's postal market checks is available in the Postal market checks guide (available in German)


Postal market checks
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