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The German postal market represents a key industry within the logistic sector. The increasing needs for transportation and delivery of smaller or larger goods on the one hand, online ordering and other e-commerce activities on the other hand are the main drivers for the market development. Postal operators widen their services to benefit from future market growth.

In 2014 the postal market developed positively overall, with total revenue reaching around €28.8bn. Of this, around €8.6bn were accounted for by the licensed letter sector (letter items up to 1,000g). The market for postal services not requiring a licence, which includes the conveyance of press items as well as courier, express and parcel services (CEP), reported a record high with revenue of approximately €20.2bn.

Major determinations by the Chamber responsible for postal matters may be found under Ruling Chamber 5.

Acts and ordinances for the postal sector are to be found under JURIS.