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Responsibility for price regulation in the railway sector lies with Bundesnetzagentur Section 705. This organisational unit reviews infrastructure managers´ charging schemes in line with the symmetric regulation principle. This means that in principle all infrastructure managers and operators of service facilities are covered by the railway legislation regulations governing access to railway infrastructure in their capacity as public infrastructure managers need to observe the same legal provisions.

The Bundesnetzagentur strives to make information about the most important price reviews available to the public concerned. It is possible to download the relevant written decisions (initial notice of decision, letter of rejection, public-law contract). Commercially sensitive data is rendered illegible. Depending on the legal aspects of the case in question, it may also be possible to raise more detailed issues relating to procedures and decisions with the Bundesnetzagentur, eg on the basis of the rules of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

It should be noted that decisions on the structure of charges are often taken when the network statements are being reviewed. Hence administrative orders dealing with charging principles are frequently to be found in the decisions on network statements and statements for service facilities. The Bundesnetzagentur also publishes details of price proceedings at notifications.

The section "downloads" contains information about the "leading decisions in railway legislation" on price regulation for the years 2006 to date:

Vertragstext: Außerkraftsetzen der Regionalfaktoren (pdf / 25 KB)
(Bundesnetzagentur eliminates regional factors with effect from December 2011)

Bescheid - Bundesnetzagentur erklärt Regionalfaktoren der DB Netz AG für ungültig (pdf / 3 MB)
(Bundesnetzagentur declares DB Netz AG’s regional factors to be invalid)

Bescheid - Stationspreise der DB Station&Service AG mit Wirkung zum 1.05.10 für ungültig erklärt (pdf / 1 MB)
(Bundesnetzagentur declares DB Station&Service AG’s station prices invalid with effect from 1 May 2010)

Bescheid - Erstellung von Mitteilungen gemäß § 14d Satz 1 Nr. 6 AEG (pdf / 1 MB)
(Notification – Compilation of notification requirements under Section14d sentence 1 subpara 6 of the General Railway Act)

Bescheid zur Minderung von Trassennutzungsentgelten (pdf / 1 MB)
(Notification of the requirement to lower track access charges in case of inferior performance)

Date of modification: 2014.02.03