Ser­vice fa­cil­i­ties

Numerous operators of service facilities need to observe charging regulations which differ from those for infrastructure managers. Additional information about which facilities are deemed service facilities may be found here.

In principle, the charges for the use of all service facilities are subject to price regulation by the Bundesnetzagentur based on regular preliminary examination (ex ante) and possibly a subsequent review (ex post). The legislator distinguishes between two categories of service facilities subject to different regulation scopes, eg operators of port rail networks are not required to set out their charging principles in their network statements. All users of service facilities are nevertheless protected against discriminatory pricing system designs by the Bundesnetzagentur's reviews.

Further details concerning the requirements pertaining to the definition of the structure and the level of the charges by the operators of service facilities may be found under calculating charges.

Formal requirements apply to the drawing up and levying of charges in conformity with the relevant legislation.

If an applicant suspects being discriminated against owing to abusive pricing, the Bundesnetzagentur will be prepared to provide further information.

Date of modification: 2014.02.03