Bundesnetzagentur is responsible for handling complaints from applicants about C–OSS decisions on the cross-border rail freight corridor Rhine-Alpine (Zeebrugge – Antwerp / Rotterdam / Aachen – Cologne – Mannheim – [Basle] – Milan / Novara – Genoa) and other complaints on the corridor relating to the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

A complaint can be lodged in principle in any language and with the regulatory body of any Member State through which the international train path runs. However, if a complaint to Bundesnetzagentur is lodged in a language other than German, it should be accompanied by an English translation. The English version is needed for the necessary communication and coordination with all parties concerned with the corridor. If a translation is not provided and the complaint then has to be translated by the Bundesnetzagentur, any resulting costs and delays will be to the detriment of the complainant.

Complaints should be sent to the Bundesnetzagentur electronically at railfreight@bnetza.de. Submitting a complaint in a letter is also possible.

More detailed information on the complaints procedure can be found in the Cooperation Agreement between the regulatory bodies of the countries situated in Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

Cooperation agreement (pdf / 2 MB)
Letter of Intent (pdf / 74 KB)

Complaints on the corridor that do not relate to cross-border issues or to the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany can be sent to the national regulatory body concerned. The contact details of all regulatory bodies of the corridor are listed below.

According to the Regulation (EU) No 913/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council the regulatory bodies of each corridor shall cooperate in monitoring the competition in the rail freight corridor. The regulatory bodies in the Corridor Rhine-Alpine commonly elaborated a paper including the monitoring tasks they consider to be most important.

Tasks of Regulatory Bodies in monitoring of rail freight corridor 1 (pdf / 12 KB)

Contacting Bundesnetzagentur

Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen
Tulpenfeld 4
53113 Bonn

Tel: 0049 228 147030
Fax: 0049 228 146218

E-Mail for RFC: railfreight@bnetza.de

Contacting the other national regulatory bodys of Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Belgien / Belgium

Service de Régulation du Transport ferroviaire et de l’Exploitation de l’Aéroport de Bruxelles-National, CCN
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 50 boîte 72
1000 Bruxelles

Phone: 0032 2 2 77 45 25

E.Mail: info@regul.be
Website: www.regul.be/

Italien / Italia

Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti (ART)
Via Nizza 230
10126 Torino

Phone: +39 011.19212.500

E-Mail: art@autorita-trasporti.it
Website: http://www.autorita-trasporti.it/

Niederlande / Netherlands

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)
Muzenstraat 41
2511 WB The Hague
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-70-722-2817
Email: railfreight@acm.nl

Schweiz / Switzerland

Kommission für den Eisenbahnverkehr RailCom
Christoffelgasse 5
3003 Bern

Phone: +41 (0)58 463 13 00

E-Mail: info@railcom.admin.ch
Website: www.railcom.admin.ch/de//

Date of modification: 2016.11.07