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Right to supply with telecommunications services

The amended Telecommunications Act (TKG) introduces new rules on basic service provision that took effect on 1 December 2021. The right to supply with telecommunications services modernises the previous universal service in Germany and transposes European regulations. The new right aims to enable everyone to use all fundamental internet services, work from home and video stream to the usual extent.

The specific requirements need to be issued by the Bundesnetzagentur by 1 June 2022 via legal ordinance, in particular in respect of the parameters for download and upload speeds and latency.

Consultation on initial considerations

In preparation and as a starting point for discussion, the Bundesnetzagentur presented for consultation three expert reports and initial considerations on the service parameters to be specified. The consultation lasted from 22 December 2021 to 31 January 2022 (for more information, see the press release). One of the expert reports deals with the technical requirements for the online services to secure the new legal right. The other two reports examine the capability to ensure basic service provision via mobile networks and satellite solutions, respectively.

The consultation document in English language is available here:

Consultation document (pdf / 1 MB)

Draft ordinance

On 23 March 2022, the Bundesnetzagentur presented for consultation the draft ordinance, starting the formal involvement of federal states and market participants. Comments were accepted until 29 March 2022. In the further process, the ordinance requires consensus with the Bundestag committee on Digital Affairs and the approval of the Bundesrat.

More information in German language, including e.g. the aforementioned expert reports, can be found here.