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Pri­vate Mo­bile Ra­dio (PMR)

PMR systems still remain a cost effective and flexible option in spite of the recent boom in public mobile radio networks: today there are around two and a half million PMR stations in use in Germany, with private business radio (PBR) as the core. PBR systems are operated by industrial and commercial users - such as industrial enterprises and traffic or transport companies - and administrative users - such as local authorities and road construction and maintenance contractors - to carry their own internal traffic. Public safety organisations such as the emergency services - police, fire and rescue services - form a special PBR user group, whose frequencies may be assigned only with the agreement of the supreme federal or state authority responsible.

Another key PMR application is paging, which enables users carrying a pager to transmit and/or receive messages. Others are mobile data and telemetry and telecommand, including for example remote control of machines, remote data retrieval, traffic control systems, and radio alarms.

Date of modification: 2005.06.23