Ap­pli­ca­tion for fre­quen­cy as­sign­ments for earth sta­tions for satel­lite services

An application for a satellite network can be made without a form. Information about the minimum data required and general notes are set forth in the following document.

Precondition for the use of the interactive form is Microsoft Excel. Prior to completion the form must be downloaded, it cannot be processed on this site. In addition you have to permit the use of macros to be able to use the form!

If you do not have the requisite software tool at your disposal, you can also download the form in PDF format (without user support).

General information on satellite communications

Antrag Satellitenfunk / Application satellite services (xlsm / 321 KB)

Antrag Satellitenfunk / Application satellite services (pdf / 244 KB)

Information Satellite Network (pdf / 102 KB)

Date of modification: 2016.06.20