Pub­li­ca­tion of key el­e­ments on trans­paren­cy for con­sumers and on mea­sur­ing pro­ce­dures

With the amendment to the Telecommunications Act in May 2012, the legislator created a broad range of instruments to enhance transparency in the telecommunications market. These include, for instance, broader provisions governing the content of contracts concluded with consumers (Section 43a of the Telecommunications Act) as well as the provisions governing general publication requirements (Section 45n of the Telecommunications Act). The aim of these measures is to facilitate objective decision-making for consumers in a competitive market.

Since the amended Telecommunications Act entered into force, the Bundesnetzagentur has examined in particular the level of information supplied by providers in relation to fixed and mobile broadband access. As such, the focus has been placed on the difference between contractually agreed data transmission rates and the data transmission rate actually provided.

In parallel to the measurements study, the Bundesnetzagentur also analysed the contractual provisions on the speeds actually achieved both in the fixed network and mobile networks.

When it published the above-mentioned studies on the "Telecommunications Consumer Protection" forum of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology/Bundesnetzagentur on 10 April 2013, the Bundesnetzagentur announced that it would be entering into a constructive dialogue with providers, industry associations and consumer interest groups. The aim is to develop reasonable solutions for the benefit of consumers as soon as possible.

Based on the findings of the measurements study and on the analysis of the content of standard contracts the Bundesnetzagentur has published key elements to promote transparency for consumers and on measuring procedures to provide a basis for the ensuing debate:

Measures aimed at promoting transparency for consumers and on measuring procedures (pdf / 82 KB)

Date of modification: 2013.10.22