(0)32 Na­tion­al Num­bers

National numbers are telephone numbers for subscribers of services characterised as follows:

  • Provision of access to the public telephone network, ie calls to and from a public telephone network.
  • No linkage to any geographic location.
  • Within the service, the suballocation of national numbers requires subscribers to have their place of residence or business location in Germany.
  • The service is not a premium rate service, ie dialling the number does not entail a contract for any chargeable services provided in addition to the conveyance service. Payments or other credits for incoming calls to the subscriber are not permitted.
  • The service is not comparable to carrier selection in commercial terms.
  • Porting data are exchanged in accordance with the procedure for the exchange of porting data for local numbers.
  • Availability of carrier selection and carrier preselection as provided for in section 40 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) of 25 July 2004 (Federal Law Gazette Part I page 1190) for the numbers; in respect of calls between national numbers carrier preselection for local calls applies, in respect of other calls carrier preselection for national calls applies. Note: whether or not a caller's provider is required to provide the carrier selection and carrier preselection facility is determined by section 40 of the TKG.
  • The retail price for a call to a subscriber with a national number is fixed by the caller's provider or the carrier selected in accordance with section 40 of the TKG.

National subscriber numbers are numbers as defined in section 3 para 13 of the TKG. They are allocated under section 66 of the TKG in accordance with these Rules.

National subscriber numbers occupy the (0)32 range in the national numbering space for the public telephone network as defined in Recommendation E.164 of the International Telecommunication Union. The numbers begin with the two-digit service code 32, preceded by the prefix (0) and followed by a subscriber number which consists of a six-digit block code and a three-digit terminal number.

  • Rules for the allocation of national numbers published in the Official Gazette of the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post Order No 51 in Official Gazette 23/2004

Rules for the allocation of national numbers (pdf / 50 KB)

Date of modification: 2005.10.17