The Num­ber Management Section

is responsible for structuring the national numbering space, setting the conditions for allocating and using numbers, and processing applications for numbers and number blocks

Telephone numbers

Telephone numbers are numbers which, when dialled in the public telephone service, allow a connection to a specific destination to be set up. Some numbers are character sequences which are used only for technical addressing purposes and which cannot be dialled by subscribers. For more information go to Technical numbers.

The German numbering space is the part identified by the country code 49 of the international numbering space as defined in Recommendation ITU‑T E.164 and is regulated in the Numbering plan for the numbering space for public telecommunications:

Numbering plan for the numbering space for public telecommunications.

Specific numbers and number ranges in the German numbering space are provided for various telecommunications services, as shown below.

Click on the numbers for further information:
Geographic numbersMachine-to-machine communications (M2M)
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
110, 112 Emergency numbersAsterisk* numbers
115 Single government service telephone number(0)180 Numbers for medium rate services
116xyz Numbers for harmonised services of social value(0)700 Personal numbers
118xy Numbers for directory enquiries(0)800 Numbers for freephone services
010 Carrier codes for carrier selection or carrier
(0)900 Numbers for premium rate services
(0)137 Numbers for short-term mass calling(0)9009 Numbers for diallers
(0)18 Numbers for virtual private networks (VPNs)(0)15, (0)16, (0)17 Numbers for mobile services
(0)181 Numbers for international virtual private networks (IVPNs)(0)31x Numbers for test purposes
(0)19xyz Numbers for online services(0)32 National subscriber numbers
(0)19x Routing codes

Technical Numbers

Carrier Portability Codes (CPC)Signalling Point Codes (SPC)
Closed User Group Interlock Codes (CUGIC - Q.763/X.180)Routing Numbers
Charging Reference Branches (TRZ)Carrier/Service Provider Object Identifier Branches (OKA-ND-X.660)
Equipment Manufacturer Codes for Telematic Protocols (T.35)International Mobile Station Equipment Identities (IMEI)
International Mobile Subscriber IdentitiesIndividual TETRA Subscriber Identities (ITSI)