Electromagnetic compatibility

Directive 2004/108/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment calls upon the Member States to take all appropriate measures to ensure that equipment (apparatus and fixed installations) is placed on the market and/or put into service only if it complies with the (essential) requirements of the Directive when properly installed, maintained and used for its intended purpose. This Directive is commonly referred to as the EMC Directive.

In cooperation with the Member States the Commission has developed and published a Guide on the application and interpretation of the EMC Directive. The Guide as of 8 February 2010 has been translated into German by the Bundesnetzagentur and serves as a manual (available for download online) for people directly or indirectly affected by the EMC Directive. It helps to correctly interpret the Directive, but does not replace it, providing detailed information on some of the most important aspects of its application.

The European market surveillance authorities group (EMC ADCO) has put together an information sheet for manufacturers and importers of EMC products with a brief summary of the essential requirements and approved it with the Commission during an EMC Working Party meeting. This so-called Quick Guide has been translated into many European languages.

The EMC Directive has been transposed in Germany by the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment Act (EMVG). The responsibility for implementing this Act has been assigned to the Bundesnetzagentur. Within its responsibilities the Bundesnetzagentur is authorised to check equipment placed or soon to be placed on the market for compliance with the (essential) requirements, and to initiate (appropriate) measures to remedy shortcomings in the case of non-compliance.

Under section 17(1) of the EMVG, the Bundesnetzagentur charges fees and expenses for official acts in the field of market surveillance and investigations of interference in relation to companies placing products on the EU market in Germany if there is an infringement of the essential requirements. In this context the Ordinance on the costs of official acts under the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment Act and the Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Act (EMVFTEKostV) has been enacted.

Titles and version numbers of European harmonised standards listed under the EMC Directive can be found here.

Further information on EMC standardisation can also be found in the section EMC standardisation.

As the competent authority for the EMVG, the Bundesnetzagentur deals with queries about interpretation of the Act.

Date of modification: 2014.01.20