Mar­ket surveil­lance

The Bundesnetzagentur's aims in the field of market surveillance

Under the EMC and R&TTE Directives the Bundesnetzagentur pursues the following aims in the field of market surveillance:

  • consumer protection (protection against non-conforming/dangerous equipment)
  • establish/ensure competitive equality

    • between German and European manufacturers
    • between persons from Europe placing products on the market and manufacturers from third countries
  • ensure efficient frequency usage

    • competent authority for frequency assignment
    • protection of safety-related radio services
    • protection of telecommunications networks and broadcasting

These aims can only be achieved with effective and efficient market surveillance.

Overview of market surveillance

Market surveillance statistics

Market surveillance on the Internet (e-commerce investigation)

Product distribution via the Internet is becoming a rapidly growing alternative to traditional retail business. With the global market offering possibilities for importing products from Internet sellers outside the European Economic Area (EEA), as well, cooperation with well-known Internet platform operators is essential to identify and, IF NECESSARY, combat non-conforming products.

Cooperation with the customs authorities

Systematic cooperation between the Bundesnetzagentur and the German customs authorities helps to ensure that verified products from third countries comply with minimum product safety requirements; that is to say these products have to meet the same requirements as products from the European Economic Area.

Cooperation with the customs authorities

Date of modification: 2014.01.20