450 MHz

President's Chamber Decision 450 MHz

-Reference: BK1 20/001-

The spectrum usage rights in the 450 MHz band expire on 31 December 2020; the spectrum will be made available nationwide primarily for critical infrastructure applications within the framework of the designation for mobile/fixed communications networks (MFCN).

This will help to pave the way for the digitisation of the energy transition, as the spectrum is particularly suitable for use in building a highly available and blackout-resilient nationwide wireless network infrastructure for sectors such as electricity, gas, water and district heating.

Decision by the President's Chamber (pdf / 1 MB)

The tendering proceedings are opened with the publication of the President's Chamber Decision. There are no restrictions in place regarding who is entitled to take part in the tendering proceedings. Multiple applications are not allowed. Applications may be submitted until 12:00 noon on 18 December 2020.

Tendering proceedings

Applications are to be submitted in German

by 12:00 noon on 18 December 2020

in writing, in triplicate, to
Referat 212
Kennwort: 450 MHz
Tulpenfeld 4
53113 Bonn


also electronically in Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Word-compatible) or PDF format (copying and printing must be enabled) by email to Referat212@BNetzA.de or on data media.
A blacked-out version in which any business and trade secrets have been blacked out, together with a list justifying the blacked-out parts, is also to be submitted.

The requirements of the application for the tendering proceedings may be found in the President's Chamber Decision.

Proceedings so far

Consultation draft

A draft decision was drawn up on the basis of comments and notifications of demand received and is now being put out for consultation.

Consultation draft (pdf / 940 KB)

The responses received on the consultation draft can be viewed via the following link (in German):

Stellungnahmen Konsultationsentwurf (Stand 17.09.2020) (ZIP / 164 MB)

The Bundesnetzagentur would like to point out that the proceedings may be subject to a different decision by the federal government.

Key elements and identification of demand

On the basis of a spectrum demand survey in 2017, the Bundesnetzagentur drew up key elements for the needs-oriented provision of the spectrum for critical infrastructure applications and published these key elements for consultation. At the same time, the interested parties were invited to register their anticipated needs for critical infrastructure applications in the 450 MHz band.

Key elements and identification of demand (pdf / 687 KB)

The responses received on the key elements can be viewed via the following link (in German):

Stellungnahmen Eckpunkte (Stand 26.05.2020) (ZIP / 106 MB)

The notifications of demand contain business and trade secrets and have not been published.