BWA frequency decision

On 26.09.2006 the Federal Network Agency officially decided on the proceeding to award frequencies ...

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Comments on key elements

Comments on the key elements of the planned auction process

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Broad­band Wire­less Access

The band at 3400 – 3600 MHz is available for Broadband Wireless Access as broadband wireless distribution systems. The frequencies are allocated primarily for the provision of subscriber access. Free capacity may be used for other purposes.

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  • 2nd BWA decision

Allocation proceeding, Federal Network Agency Official Gazette No 24/2005, Order 95/2005

On 21 December 2005 allocation and registration was initiated for BWA applications in the 3.5 GHz band (Official Gazette Order 95/2005, Official Gazette No 24/2005).

BWA-Zuteilungsverfahren, Amtsblatt Nr. 24/2005, Verfügung 95/2005 (pdf / 57 KB)

During the application period which ended 28 February 2006, 102 applicants submitted a total of 1221 allocation applications. The names of the applicants and the coverage areas for which they submitted applications can be seen on the list below. The names of applicants who objected to publication have been deleted.

Beantragte Frequenzzuteilungen (xls / 167 KB)

1st BWA decision (3400 - 3600 MHz)

The applications submitted between 21 December 2005 and 28 February 2007 for BWA spectrum showed that demand far outstripped the supply of spectrum at 3400 – 3600 MHz and that registration as provided for by Order 95/2005 was not therefore possible. The President's Chamber thus issued a decision on 26 September 2006 on the procedure for awarding spectrum for BWA applications. The decision to award spectrum by means of an auction was taken and the rules for the auction were determined following a consultation, and are set out in the President's Chamber decision of 26 September 2006 (Official Gazette No 20 published on 11 October 2006, Order 42/2006).

General administrative order (pdf / 303 KB)

BWA auction (3400 - 3600 MHz)

The Federal Network Agency auctioned spectrum in the band at 3400 to 3600 MHz between 12 and 15 December 2006. The spectrum can be used for broadband wireless distribution systems such as broadband Internet access. For information on the course of the auction, please click on the following:

Versteigerungsregionen (pdf / 124 KB)

Allocation of remaining BWA frequencies

During the auction of BWA frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band in the end of December 2006 some frequencies were without acceptance of a bid. The Federal Network Agency is planning to make these frequencies available to the market in accordance with the President’s Chamber decision of 26 September 2006. Any comments to the planned procedure could be given up to 21 May 2007 to Federal Network Agency.

Further details can be found in the note 103/2007 in the Official Gazette No 4/2007 and in the following downloads.

Communication (pdf / 24 KB)

Übersicht BWA-Regionen (pdf / 2 MB)

2nd BWA decision (3400 - 3600 MHz)

The President’s Chamber is planning to make the remaining frequencies in the band 3400 to 3600 MHz available to the market in a 2-step procedure.

This planned 2nd BWA decision was announced as order 202/2008 in the Official Gazette 04/2008 for public hearing. Comments can be sent up to 16 April 2008 to the Federal Network Agency.

Further details can be found in the note 202/2008 in the Official Gazette No 4/2008 and in the following downloads.

Official Gazette - Draft for public hearing (pdf / 155 KB)

Anlage 1 - Regionen-Übersicht (pdf / 155 KB)

Anlage 2 - BWA-Regionen (pdf / 2 MB)

Annex 3 - Information and structure of the application (pdf / 15 KB)

Anlage 4 - Schutzbereiche (pdf / 344 KB)

Seven companies have sent their comments on the planned 2nd BWA award ruling. The six responses released for publication can be downloaded here.

Kommentare (pdf / 3 MB)

In view of incoming comments the President’s Chamber ruled on the 23th June 2008 on the proceedings for the award of available frequencies in the 3,5 GHz band for Broadband Wireless Access.

Spectrum is assigned in two stages. Frequencies will be assigned as far as possible by applications. If demand exceeds supply in any region, frequency assignment will be preceded by award proceedings under Section 61 Telecommunications Act. The spectrum (21 MHz, paired) is available in 30 regions.

The period to apply for frequencies is eight weeks and starts with the first assignable application (after publishing in the Agency’s Official Gazette and on the Federal Agency’s website).

Ruling by the President’s Chamber from 23th June 2008 you can find in the Agency’s Official Gazette Nr. 49/2008 and the following download.

Official Gazette 49/2008 – President's Chamber Decision from 23 June 2008 (pdf / 187 KB)

Anlage 1 - Regionen-Übersicht (pdf / 128 KB)

Anlage 2 - BWA-Regionen (pdf / 2 MB)

Annex 3 - Information and structure of applications (pdf / 17 KB)

Broadband Wireles Access (BWA) in the band at  3600 – 3800 MHznd at  3600 – 3800 MHz

Allocation of frequencies in the band at 3600 – 3800 GHz shall be an opportunity especially to offer broadband wireless distribution systems in local and smaller regions. Allocation proceeding and conditions for use were published to comment in the note 628/2008 in the Official Gazette No 21/2008.

Amtsblatt-Mitteilung 628/2008 (pdf / 80 KB)

Anlage zur Amtsblatt-Verfügung 1/2009 (pdf / 971 KB)

16 companies have commented the published allocation procedure for frequencies in the band at 3600 – 3800 MHz in the public hearing. In the Official Gazette 3/2009, order 1/2009 a summary of comments, the estimation of Network Agency and the final version of allocation procedure is published.

Amtsblatt-Verfügung 1/2009 (pdf / 97 KB)

Anlage zur Amtsblatt-Verfügung 1/2009 (pdf / 971 KB)

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