Satel­lite net­work

There are satellite-based applications in which the subscriber´s terminal equipment is controlled by a satellite network, like mobile phones when the end user does not have any influence on the frequency-related technical parameters (e.g. frequency, transmitter power) of the device. The frequency use of the terminal equipment is primarily directed and controlled by the network operator. In these cases, the frequency assignment is issued to the operator of the satellite network that also covers all the terminal equipment.

In the case of mobile-satellite systems (e.g. Satellite Personal Communications Systems, S-PCS systems such as Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya), the terminal equipment may be operated in the Federal Republic of Germany without further frequency assignment in individual cases on the basis of the assigned satellite network.

Frequency assignment

Under section 91(5) of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG), a frequency assignment for a satellite network may be issued providing that:

  • the frequencies are designated for satellite service in the Frequency Plan;
  • the required national frequency coordination can be successfully completed;
  • the satellite system for the planned frequency use has been coordinated at international level;
  • efficient and interference-free frequency use is ensured.
Administrative regulations for frequency assignments for satellite communications are available here: Administrative regulations for the assignment of frequencies for satellite communications (VV SatFu) (pdf / 93 KB)

Frequency assignments are subject to a one-off fee (Bundesnetzagentur’s special ordinance on fees for frequency assignments (BNetzA BGebV FreqZut)) and annual contributions (Bundesnetzagentur’s ordinance on the protection of interference-free frequency use (FSBeitrV))
Gebühren (fees) und Beiträge (annual contributions) only available in German.

Department 223 is responsible for frequency assignments in satellite communications and any enquiries.

Assigned satellite networks

Satellitenfunknetze / satellite networks (05/2024) (pdf / 5 MB)

Application and guidance

Symbol: Voraussetzungen zur Teilnahme am Schlichtungsverfahren

The application for a satellite network can be filed informally. For a complete application, please find the appropriate application form below.

Application for satellite networks (pdf / 57 KB)

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