Technical Requirements

The technical requirements on metering and billing systems relate to recording, processing and transmitting data

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Companies offering telecoms services are required to submit a certificate to the RegTP

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Accredited Quality System Certification Bodies

The certification of quality systems must be conducted by an accredited certification body

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Publicly Appointed, Sworn Experts

The expert report must be drawn up by a publicly appointed, sworn expert for metering and billing

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Comparable Bodies

Comparable bodies within the meaning of §5 of the Telecommunications Customer Protection Ordinance (Telekommunikations-Kundenschutzverordnung –TKV)

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Contact us

Your contact at the Regulatory Authority

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Proof of Compliance un­der Section 5 of Telekom­mu­ni­ca­tions Cus­tomer Pro­tec­tion Or­di­nance (TKV)

Who benefits from the requirement under Section 5 of the TKV for proof of compliance to guarantee metering and billing accuracy?

Consumers in the liberalised telecoms market are constantly looking for a better deal in terms of quality and value for money. And they need to know that the systems used by their providers to bill them for services guarantee that call data are recorded accurately. But consumers are themselves unable to review their providers' internal processes to check that their calls are metered and billed in accordance with their contracts. That is why the legislator laid down in Section 5 of the TKV rules that aim to guarantee metering and billing accuracy and hence ensure consumer confidence in billing.

Who is required to provide proof of compliance?

The requirement to provide proof of compliance with the provisions that aim to guarantee metering and billing accuracy applies to all companies offering publicly available telecoms services that are charged at time- or distance-based rates, irrespective of the service offered, the bandwidth occupied and the switching and transmission technology used. The requirement does not apply to services that are charged at volume-based rates.

Date of modification:  2005.06.07