The provisions of Part 4 'Broadcasting' of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG) assign the Bundesnetzagentur various tasks in the field of technology and telecommunications, in particular in relation to application programming interfaces (APIs) and conditional access systems (CASs).

Consumer-friendly television sets

Sections 48 to 50 of the TKG contain provisions concerning the interoperability of TV sets. Consumers want to be able to buy TV sets, connect them to all networks of at least one transmission path and use the services offered within the scope of the usage rights acquired without any restrictions. Further information can be found here.

The Bundesnetzagentur's tasks and procedures under Part 4 (Broadcasting) of the TKG

Sections 48ff of the TKG also refer to the federal states' responsibility in respect of the tasks of the "authority responsible under state law" in the area of media legislation. Details are contained in the table.


On 19 December 2005 key elements were signed for the common procedure for the Bundesnetzagentur and state media authorities under section 49(3), section 50(4) and section 51(3) of the TKG concerning open access to APIs and CASs.

Key elements

On 8 April 2010 the Joint Management Office of the Media Authorities informed the Bundesnetzagentur of the following: "In accordance with section 35(2) in conjunction with section 36(2) of the State Broadcasting Treaty (RStV), the Commission on Licensing and Supervision (ZAK) serves as the point of contact for the state media authorities as regards platform regulation matters under sections 50ff of the RStV. The Joint Management Office of the Media Authorities, based in Berlin, serves as the point of contact for the Bundesnetzagentur as regards such matters and in particular matters and procedures under sections 48ff of the TKG."

Two procedures have been agreed with the Conference of Directors of the Media Authorities (DLM) and updated accordingly:

Administrative procedure following referral by the Bundesnetzagentur as provided for by section 49(3) and (4) of the TKG.

Administrative procedure for verifying notifications under section 50(3) para 4 of the TKG as provided for by section 50(4) of the TKG.

Changes relating to the dispute resolution panel referred to in section 51 of the TKG were published in Communication No 265/2010 in Bundesnetzagentur Official Gazette No 8/2010.

The address of the dispute resolution panel is:
Schlichtungsstelle nach § 51 TKG
Seidelstraße 49
13405 Berlin

The dispute resolution panel comprises the following members:
ChairMartin FellerAnnegret Kuebler-Bork
AssessorAnnegret Kuebler-BorkDr. Thomas Pradt
AssessorPeter MannKarsten Hoellerer

New rules of procedure for dispute resolution as provided for by section 51 of the TKG have been announced.

Rules of procedure for dispute resolution as provided for by section 51 of the TKG.

Rules of procedure

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