Län­der Com­mit­tee

A Länder Committee was established at the Bundesnetzagentur in accordance with section 8 of The Bundesnetzagentur Act, comprising representatives of the federal state regulatory authorities responsible for the tasks set out in section 54 of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG).


(According to section 60a EnWG)

  1. The Länder Committee serves as a coordination body between the Bundesnetzagentur and the federal state regulatory bodies with the aim of ensuring the uniform application of regulatory provisions across the country.
  2. The Bundesnetzagentur is required to give the Committee the opportunity to comment before issuing any general administrative orders, especially determinations under section 29(1) EnWG, administrative provisions, guidelines and comparable informal regulations under Parts 2 and 3 EnWG. In urgent cases, general administrative orders can be issued without giving the Committee the opportunity to comment, but the Committee must then be informed after an order has been issued.
  3. The Committee is entitled to request information and opinions from the Bundesnetzagentur in connection with the above-mentioned general administrative orders, and the Bundesnetzagentur is obliged to provide the information and opinions requested.

Members of the Länder Committee

Each federal state regulatory authority may appoint one representative to the Länder Committee.



Meetings 2024
21./22.02.2024 (Bonn)
25.04.2024 (Bonn)
06.06.2024 (Berlin)
12.09.2024 (Berlin)
14.11.2024 (Bonn)