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PCI - Electricity, Gas and Oil sec­tor

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Electricity sector

1.3.1Interconnection between Endrup (DK) and Niebüll (DE)
1.3.2Internal line between Brunsbűttel and Niebűll (DE)
1.4.1Interconnection between Kassø (DK) and Audorf (DE)
1.4.2Internal line between Audorf and Hamburg/Nord (DE)
1.4.3Internal line between Hamburg/Nord and Dollern (DE)
1.8Germany - Norway interconnection between Wilster (DE) and Tonstad (NO) [currently known as the NORD.LINK project]
2.2.1Interconnection between Lixhe (BE) and Oberzier (DE)
2.9Germany internal line between Osterath and Philippsburg (DE) to increase capacity at Western borders
2.10Germany internal line between Brunsbüttel-Grοßgartach and Wilster-Grafenrheinfeld (DE) to increase capacity at Northern and Southern borders
2.11.1Interconnection between border area (DE),  Meiningen (AT) and Rüthi (CH)
2.11.2Internal line in the region of point Rommelsbach to Herbertingen (DE)
2.11.3Internal line point Wullenstetten to point Niederwangen (DE) and internal line Neuravensburg to the border area DE-AT
2.12Germany – Netherlands interconnection between Niederrhein (DE) and Doetinchem (NL)
2.21Hydro-pumped storage Riedl in the AT/DE border area
3.1.1Interconnection between St. Peter (AT) and Isar (DE)
3.12Internal line in Germany between Wolmirstedt and Bavaria to increase internal North-South transmission capacity
3.13Internal line in Germany between Halle/Saale and Schweinfurt to increase capacity in the North-South Corridor East
3.14.1Interconnection between Eisenhűttenstadt (DE) and Plewiska (PL)
3.15.1Interconnection between Vierraden (DE) and Krajnik (PL)
3.15.2Installation of phase shifting transformers on the interconnection lines between Krajnik (PL) — Vierraden (DE) and coordinated operation with the PST on the interconnector Mikułowa (PL) — Hagenwerder (DE)
4.1Denmark – Germany interconnection between Tolstrup Gaarde (DK) and Bentwisch (DE) via offshore windparks Kriegers Flak (DK) and Baltic 1 and 2 (DE) [currently known as Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution]


Gas sector

5.10PCI Reverse flow interconnection on TENP pipeline in Germany


Oil sector

9.4.PCI Litvinov (Czech Republic) - Spergau (Germany) pipeline: the extension project of the Druzhba crude oil pipeline to the refinery TRM Spergau
9.6.PCI TAL Plus: capacity expansion of the TAL Pipeline between Trieste (Italy) and Ingolstadt (Germany)
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