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In­ter­na­tion­al ac­tiv­i­ties

The Agency's international activities

Europe is steadily growing together, and even beyond its borders close cooperation has become indispensable for successful regulation. Therefore, the Bundesnetzagentur is a member of various European and international bodies, based on its legal obligations (§ 140 sentence 2 of the German Telecommunications Act). On the other hand, the Bundesnetzagentur is also part - on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - in numerous European and international institutions and their technical bodies (§ 140 sentence 1 of the Act).

International department

The department "International Relations / Postal Regulation" coordinates for the four sectors (telecommunications and energy, as well as postal and railway) the Bundesnetzagentur's cooperation with primarily European regulators and the European Commission, but also with supranational institutions and organizations. In this way the Agency represents the German positions, but also strengthens the cooperation in the European Union and the cohesion of the international community.

Bilateral cooperation

In addition, the Bundesnetzagentur is a well-respected partner for many foreign authorities (regulatory authorities in all sectors, but also competition authorities) and other government agencies (such as ministries) which visit the Agency as part of study visits. In particular, the specific regulatory practices of the Bundesnetzagentur in the individual sectors, but also the similarities in the regulation of various sectors are of special interest for most partners. The Bundesnetzagentur's experience as a multi-sectoral regulator has raised its profile already acquired internationally.

Date of modification: 2014.01.09