Rul­ing Cham­ber 5

Ruling Chamber 5 is responsible for rates regulation and special control of anti-competitive practices in postal services

  • Rates regulation
    Rates regulation refers to the approval of a dominant provider's rates for postal services subject to licence (price cap or individual approval procedure) and also the ex post review of the dominant provider's other rates.
  • Service of documents
    All licencees are obliged to serve documents under the Postal Act unless exempted from this service (partial exemption possible). Remuneration for service of documents must be applied for even when the licencee does not have significant market power and must be approved by the ruling chamber.
  • Network access regulation
    The provider with a dominant position on the market for postal services subject to licence must provide other postal service providers access to its network. This right to access may be denied if access is not objectively justified.

    Network access regulation covers access to
    - incidental services
    - PO Box facilities
    - information on changes of address

  • Special control of anti-competitive practices
    The Bundesnetzagentur has full supervisory powers over anti-competitive practices of the dominant postal service provider.
  • Powers of Ruling Chamber 5
    - termination of anti-competitive practices
    - imposition of behaviour preventing anti-competitive practices
    - prohibition of anti-competitive practices
    - annulment of contracts
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für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation Post und Eisenbahnen
Ruling Chamber 5
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