In­for­ma­tion / Cir­cu­lars

Ruling Chamber 8 seeks to engage with the industry and the interested public on its activities in a variety of ways.

Information on Ruling Chamber 8’s responsibilities

Under section 54 of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) the Chamber performs a number of tasks to regulate costs and procedures according to the Incentive Regulation Ordinance (ARegV) in relation to electricity transmission system operators and distribution system operators. A full list of these tasks as per the Schedule of Responsibilities can be found here.

Following introduction of the regulation of energy supply network operators in 2005 some federal states delegated their regulatory powers to the Bundesnetzagentur by way of an administrative agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany (so-called official delegation of powers). Over the years other federal states followed suit while some have meanwhile taken over the task themselves.

The responsibilities, as evolved, of the Bundesnetzagentur/Ruling Chamber 8 as the federal state regulatory authority can be viewed at Official delegation of powers.
The Chamber publishes circulars periodically on current matters. The circulars are intended mainly for the managers and the communication contacts of the regulated undertakings. However, the federal state regulatory authorities, relevant consultancies and interested third parties may also receive this information.

The Chamber also publishes Guidelines and Explanatory notes on questions of interpretation, as circumstances require. These Guidelines and Explanatory notes are not legally binding but set out the Chamber’s views on specific issues in particular ahead of court decisions.