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Cost examinations under section 6(1) ARegV in conjunction with section 28 et seq GasNEV for setting the base level

Data form for the fourth regulatory period
EHB_Kostenprüfung (xlsx / 2 MB)

Regulatory account under section 5 ARegV

Adjusting annual revenue caps under section 4 ARegV and examining network tariff calculations and validations under section 28 paras 3 and 4 ARegV

Market area conversion under section 19a EnWG

Capex mark-up under section 10a ARegV

Data form for the fourth regulatory period
EHB_Kapitalkostenaufschlag (xlsx / 2 MB)

Network transfers under section 26 ARegV

Data form for the fourth regulatory period
EHB_§26ARegV (xlsx / 205 KB)

Special network tariffs under section 20(2) GasNEV

Biogas cost distribution under section 20b GasNEV

Hardship cases under section 34a ARegV

Incremental capacity projects under Article 28(1) Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (CAM NC)

Price indices for determining replacement costs for operationally necessary fixed assets under section 6(3) sentence 2 in conjunction with section 6a GasNEV