Ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty state­ment

This accessibility statement applies to the website of the Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen published at

As a public sector body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, the Bundesnetzagentur tries to make its websites and mobile applications accessible in line with the provisions of the Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz, BGG – in German) and the Ordinance on Accessible Information Technology (Barrierefreien-Informationstechnik-Verordnung, BITV 2.0 – in German), which implement the Directive.

Status of compliance with requirements

The accessibility requirements arise from section 3(1) to (4) and section 4 BITV 2.0, which are based on section 12d BGG.

Compliance with the requirements was checked using a BITV/WCAG self-assessment carried out in June 2020 in line with the legal provisions and global standards (EN 301 549, BITV 2.0).

The website mostly complies with the requirements. People with disabilities have difficulty finding information or accessing only a small part of its content.

The content listed below is not fully accessible:

  • Not all images or graphics have clear alternative texts and embedded videos do not have audio description or full-text alternatives.
  • The heading hierarchy that can be programmatically determined is not always the same as the subdivisions of content on the page.
  • In tables, the wrong column heading is sometimes read out for data cells.
  • The sequence of content read out by screen readers is not always meaningful.
  • Labels cannot be programmatically determined for all form elements; form fields relating to the user do not transmit the purpose of the field via a language-independent attribute.
  • Some elements on the pages are not operable through a keyboard interface.
  • Embedded videos do not have a descriptive title.
  • For some control elements, the accessible name is not the same as the visible name and not all functions are consistently named.
  • For some control elements, the name, role or state cannot be determined for assistive technologies (such as screen readers).
  • Not all PDFs are accessible.


The Bundesnetzagentur is constantly working on improving its website. However, the large amount of material contained on it means that we have not yet managed to make all online content and services accessible.

We are trying to remove these barriers for people with disabilities as soon as possible.

Date created

This statement was created on 14 July 2021.

Contact and feedback

Do you want to tell us about accessibility issues or ask about our accessibility measures?

Do you need an accessible version of a particular document?

Please get in touch using the email address

You can also write to us or phone us at:

Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen
Postfach 8001
53105 Bonn

Tel. +49 (0)228 14 - 9921


You can contact the Arbitration Service under section 16 BGG, whether or not you received a satisfactory response to your feedback to the contact details above. The purpose of the Arbitration Service under the BGG is to settle disputes, by extrajudicial means, which arise between persons with disabilities and public authorities and relate to the subject of accessibility. An arbitration procedure is free of charge. You do not need a legal representative. You can find further information about the arbitration procedure and how to apply for one here:

You can reach the Arbitration Service at the following address:

Arbitration Service under the BGG
within the office of the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities

Mauerstraße 53
10117 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 18 527-2805
Fax +49 (0)30 18 527-2901