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Results of auction for onshore wind installations

Year of issue 2019
date of issue 2019.09.10

Insufficient competition again

The Bundesnetzagentur has today announced the results of the auction for onshore wind energy that closed for bids on 1 September 2019.

There has been no change to the insufficient competition in auctions for onshore wind installations. There was once again no competition to speak of, as 22 bids with a volume of 187 megawatts (MW) were received for an auctioned volume of 500 MW.

Award price hits new high

The average price of the successful bids is 6.20 cents per kilowatt hour (ct/kWh), a new record high.

The federal state with the greatest volume of bids accepted was North Rhine-Westphalia, with 64.2 MW across four bids. The most successful bids were for Schleswig-Holstein (six, with a volume of 30.2 MW). The remaining eleven successful bids were spread across Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony and Thuringia.

One bid was disqualified on grounds of a lack of eligibility.

Further phases of the proceedings

Details of the successful bids have been published on the Bundesnetzagentur's website (in German) at ( The updated bidding round statistics will be published shortly.

The next auction date for onshore wind energy is 1 October 2019. Further information may be found on the Bundesnetzagentur website.

Press release (pdf / 48 KB)