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Da­ta from the in­stal­la­tions reg­is­ter

The aim of the Installations Register Ordinance (Anlagenregisterverordnung) is to make the development of renewable energy more transparent, which is the reason why it includes an obligation to disclose the data registered in it.

Publication of the data registered in the installations register has continually taken place on a monthly basis since 30 September 2014.

Master data of installations

When publishing the installations’ master data registered in the installations register, the Bundesnetzagentur restricts the information concerning the locations of the small-scale installations to their municipal code, town name and postal code since the location of a microgeneration installation and the address of the operator are often identical. This is done to ensure the largest possible degree of transparency while guaranteeing the most comprehensive protection of personal data possible.

Increase in capacity and feed-in-tariffs for PV installations

Data for photovoltaic (PV) installations can be found at this link:

Figures reflecting the increase in capacity for PV installations and the applicable feed-in-tariffs

Decommissioning of bio-methane installations

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes data of bio-methane installations that have been permanently decommissioned provided that the former operator agreed to the data’s release. This information is published so that other operators that are converting their installations to use bio-methane exclusively may receive support. Under the EEG the installation operators are required to show their network operators that the amount of bio-methane that they want to generate in their operations at the least matches the amount of capacity that had been decommissioned to receive support.

Support for onshore wind

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes the total installed capacity figures for all onshore wind energy plants; these figures are used to determine and publish the values to be applied to these plants.

The table below shows the increase in capacity in the reference period and the values applicable in the relevant quarter for onshore wind energy.

Renewable energy support for onshore wind: August 2017

Date of modification: 2017.08.31