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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

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The Federal Network Agency is responsible for the implementation and performance of the EMC and R&TTE Directive. Both European Directives where transposed into appropriate national laws (Law concerning the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Apparatus - EMC Act and Act on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment - FTEG Act).

Within the framework of § 7 number 2 of the EMC Act the Federal Network Agency fulfils the tasks and responsibilities to check electrical/electronic products from responsible for placing on the market and/or suppliers against protection requirements (EMC) or essential requirements (R&TTE); so called Market surveillance.

For enquiries about EMC and R&TTE - marketing regulations, EMC/R&TTE Act or Market surveillance - please contact Section 411 in Mainz or your nearest regional office. Workshops on the EMC Act may also be held, given sufficient interest.

For technical information about EMC standards, please contact Section 413 in Berlin.

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